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Christmas and New Year Holiday Tips

Are you prepared this season?

  1. Do you have seasonal medications? i.e allergy and hay fever

  2. Do you have enough prescription medicines while we are closed?

  3. No prescriptions requests can be processed when the practice is closed over the public holidays or weekends.

  4. Any prescription requests received on a public holiday or weekend will require 48 hours from the next working day to be processed

  5. Does you next check-up fall during the holiday? (maybe you need to plan a visit earlier)

  6. Have you taken note of the closing dates of our practice?

  7. Remember to take our phone number on holiday with you 09 2943005 . Whenever we are closed our practice phone is answered by a registered nurse service. You can call the practice phone number and receive professional medical advice, however please note that this does not include getting prescription medications.

  8. If you enrol with a different GP during the holidays, you may not be entitled to subsidies upon your return and you may experience delays as information is transferred there and back again.

  9. We will be operating with a skeleton staff over the two short weeks between the 27th Dec and the 5th Jan and we will only be booking appointments on the day. Our phones will also only be on at the practice between 8.30 am and 3.30 pm over these short weeks and will divert to our after hours service outside of these hours.

  10. For details of our Holiday hours please see Opening hours page.

  11. We will be back to normal hours from Monday 8th Jan 2018