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  • ·Retinal Eye Screening
  • Spirometry clinic
    • Spirometry is a tool that measures how effectively your lungs are working. It is able to show how much air lungs are able to hold (their volume) and how much air can be breathed in and out (inhaled and exhaled) which is called flow. This tool is used to assess damage caused by conditions like COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – a group that includes bronchitis and emphysema), pulmonary fibrosis, cystic fibrosis and asthma. Results are shown on a graph called a pneumotachograph.
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  • Mole Man skin screening

o    Mole Man Dr Grant Coe: MB ChB 1995 Auckland FRNZCGP 2012

o    MoleMan is a full service mole screening, diagnosis and treatment facility with clinics in Northcote Point and Drury Surgery. We use advanced mole mapping technology, called digital dermoscopy, to image and identify very early signs of skin cancer and provide a diagnosis on the spot. If a mole or skin lesion is concerning you, MoleMan’s Dr Grant Coe can provide you with full professional diagnosis and treatment.

o    Dr Coe is a fully qualified New Zealand general practitioner with postgraduate qualifications in skin cancer diagnosis, treatment and surgery. He is an accredited doctor with the Skin Cancer College of Australasia and has had extensive cosmetic and skin cancer surgical experience in both private clinics and public hospitals in Australia, the UK and NZ.

o    Dr Coe is available every second Wednesday at Drury Surgery.

Grants last day at Drury Surgery will be the 2 August 2017.

o    For more about MoleMan’s services and pricing visit

  • Psychologist